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Studying at the Institute of Computer Science

As a renowned educational and research institution, we offer a diverse study program in the field of Computer Science. With a solid mathematical foundation and research-oriented course content, we provide you with the skills to master the challenges and opportunities of information technologies.

With us, you can expect a challenging course of study that will prepare you excellently for a career in science or business. Whether you are interested in fundamental research, applied Computer Science, Cyber Security or in teaching Computer Science, you will find a suitable study program that is tailored to your individual needs. Our dedicated lecturers and renowned professors will provide you with advice and support throughout your studies to prepare you for your professional future in the best possible way.

Our Study Programs

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Bachelor Computer Science (BSc)

Immerse yourself in the world of algorithms, data, robotics as well as Artificial Intelligence and become a shaper of the digital future.

Bachelor Cyber Security (BSc)

Learn all about the increasingly complex information systems of the 21st century and immerse yourself in the world of IT security and cryptography.

Teaching Bachelor Computer Science

Combine Computer Science with another subject and educational science to be optimally prepared for your career as a teacher.

Master Computer Science (MSc)

Learn even more about the world of Computer Science and do your own research on more powerful algorithms, smarter data analysis, more skillful robots and more realistic simulations.

Master Cyber Security (MSc)

Learn and explore for yourself how we can make the closely networked information systems of the 21st century both secure and effective.

Teaching Master Computer Science

Inspire and empower the next generation through knowledge and enthusiasm for Computer Science and digital sciences.

Good Reasons

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Why you should study Computer Science and Cyber Security in Bonn

  • Renowned bachelor's or master's degree from one of the 100 best universities in the world

  • Broad range of courses with a variety of specialization options

  • High level of learning transfer between theory and professional practice through strong cooperation with companies and research institutions from the region

  • Heterogeneous professors and lecturers

At a Glance

Before Your Studies

During Your Studies

After Your Studies

Application and Enrollment

Bachelor Computer Science or Cyber Security

Applications for the Bachelor's degree programs are made via the Student Registry.

Master Computer Science or
Cyber Security

Check whether you meet the requirements for admission to the master's degree program.

Change of Subject or University

Are you transferring from another university or another degree program to a bachelor's degree program with us? Then read on here:

Your Contact Persons

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Judith König
Examination Office

Room: 0.024

(!) The examination office will be closed on 8 July. For urgent matters, please use the office hours of the programme manager Dr. Herman Haverkort.   

Regular office hours:

On site:

Room 0.024, Mondays and Thursdays 11:00–12:30h.

By telephone:

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
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Dr. Herman Haverkort
Degree Program Management

Room: 2.067

Regular office hours:

Mondays 11:00-12:30h in Room 0.022 and by appointment
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Dr. Michael Nüsken
Degree Program Management

Room: 2.121

Your contact for:

  • Technical questions about Basis

Office hours:

by arrangement

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Dr. Matthias Frank
Student Advisory Service Computer Science

Raum: 1.004

Office hours

During the lecture period

Wednesdays 11:00-12:00,
by prior arrangement

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Dr. Matthias Wübbeling
Student Advisory Service Cyber Security

Raum: 1.016

Office hours

by arrangement

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Dr. Dieter Engbring
Student Advisory Service Computer Science Education

Room: 2.024

Office hours

by arrangement

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