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Practice Early — Our Offers for Pupils

What do computer scientists actually do all day, and how do you become a computer scientist? What does studying Computer Science look like, and what is it like to study at the University of Bonn?

You will find answers to these and many other questions in our offers for middle and high school students. Every year, we offer various hands-on activities such as the taster university, science rallies and Girls' Day. Young scientists can also gain a variety of insights into studying with us through the “Fördern, Fordern, Forschen” (FFF, engl. "support, challenge, research") program.

Get To Know Computer Science in Bonn

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Science Rallies

Are you eager to explore, at least 13 years old and would like to take a look at our computer science institute and typical tasks of computer scientists? Or maybe you just want to have a look, get to know lecturers and students and ask them your questions about studying? Then we'll see you at the "Science Rally around Poppelsdorf".

Every year, the University of Bonn organizes a cool science rally for the Poppelsdorf campus, where the natural and agricultural sciences faculties are located. Our Institute of Computer Science is also a stop on the rally where you can solve tricky tasks and gain exciting insights into computer science.

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Taster University (For Girls Only)

Are you interested in mathematics and natural sciences, but don't yet know exactly which subject area you would like to study? Then come to the taster university "Perspektive Math.-Nat." and find out!

Every year, the taster university offers you a selection of workshops with information about the study requirements and content of the subjects of physics, astronomy, chemistry, geodesy and geoinformation, computer science, mathematics, meteorology and geosciences. In our computer science department, you will gain an insight into the profession and everyday life of a computer scientist and learn about the first principles and functions of algorithms and programs.

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Girls' Day gives you the opportunity to get a taste of a career in IT, skilled trades, natural sciences and technology. It is precisely in these areas that the proportion of women is still below 40 percent - a situation that we want to change on Girls'Day. Join us in IT on Girls' Day and learn that computer science is more than just math and programming. As a computer scientist, you have the opportunity to work in almost all areas and use your skills and know-how to make the world a little bit better - whether in agriculture, climate research, medicine or even law.

Curious? Then see you at Girls'Day!

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Internship For Pupils

Are you interested in Computer Science and would like to find out what computer scientists do at university? Our institute offers you the opportunity to get a taste of different areas of Computer Science research as part of a student internship.

If you are interested in applied Computer Science, an internship in Robotics or game programming is just right for you. If you are interested in algorithmic geometry, e.g. robot motion planning or online algorithms, an internship with us in the Department of Theoretical Computer Science is just the thing for you.

Are you curious? Then get in touch with us!

Attention! We have no more internships available this year (2024).

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Student Crypto

One of the biggest challenges in our digital age is forwarding information in such a way that it cannot be intercepted by others. Data is encrypted for this purpose. In our everyday lives, this often happens automatically without us even realizing it, e.g. when we send emails or WhatsApp messages. If you are interested in how our data can be encrypted, which encryption methods or mathematical principles are used as a basis. Or how the Caesar cipher or the RSA encryption method works, then our student crypto is just right for you.

Join us and experience a fascinating journey into the world of cryptography!

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Fördern, Fordern, Forschen (FFF)

Are you a pupil but already interested in the content of a Computer Science degree? Then the early study project "Fördern, Fordern, Forschen" (engl. "support, challenge, research"), or "FFF" for short, is exactly what you are looking for. FFF enables pupils to attend regular university courses and take exams that can later be credited towards your computer science degree. The only requirement for FFF is a lot of motivation and interest in Computer Science.

Applications are possible until September 22 for the winter semester and until March 22 for the summer semester.

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Bonn University Days

The Bonn University Days are an annual orientation event for high school students. On two consecutive Saturdays, the humanities, law and economics as well as the natural sciences, which include computer science, and medicine are presented.

You can put together your own individual program from the events taking place and attend the lectures on the courses that interest you. If you want to find out more about studying Computer Science in Bonn, then you shouldn't miss the Bonn University Days or the Day of Natural Sciences and Medicine.

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