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Our A to Z

Here you can find everything you need at a glance: from learning support for bachelor's students, information on how to change subjects or on exchange programs, to important forms and documents for students and lecturers.

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Activities for Pupils aged 13+

Discover the answers to your questions in our programs for high-school students – from the Schnupper-Uni (engl. "taster university") to science rallyes and Girls' Day (an open day for teenage girls). Through the program "Fördern, Fordern, Forschen" (engl. "support, challenge, research"), we also give young scientists a wide range of insights into studying.

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Alumni Network

The alumni network offers all those who have spent part of their lives at the University of Bonn a platform for lively exchange – for former and active students, teaching staff, employees and visiting academics.

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The General Students' Committee AStA

The general students' committee, AStA, is the university-wide representative body for students. It represents the interests of students towards the university, society, and politics and offers advice on a wide range of topics and formalities.

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Career Opportunities

We are looking for talent at all levels – from students and doctoral candidates to postdocs and professors. Become part of our team!

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Career Service

Are you about to apply for internships, part-time jobs or your first job after graduation? Are you wondering what profession you would like to have after graduating?
The Career Service at the University of Bonn will be happy to help you.

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Change of Subject

Are you considering changing your degree programme or university, but are unsure about what you need to consider and how you should proceed? Here is more information from the central study advisory and counselling service.

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Change of University

Discover new horizons with a change of university! At our institute, all doors are open for you to pursue your academic goals and experience an inspiring learning environment.

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Please send us a message if you would like to work with the Institute of Computer Science or if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Find out which type of doctoral degree is right for you, which prerequisites and requirements apply, and which formal steps need to be taken in order to do a doctoral degree in Computer Science.

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Equal Opportunities

The Institute of Computer Science is committed to provide equal opportunities – for students, doctoral candidates, postdocs, professors, and employees.

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Examinations Office

Your contact for all questions relating to examinations. Here you will find all relevant documents such as module handbooks, examination regulations and forms.

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Exchange Programs

Computer Science students can study abroad. There are various programs and funding options to choose from to go to one of the 14 partner universities.

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With so many forms, it's easy to lose track. On this page you will therefore find all the relevant forms and documents.

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Information for First-Semester Students

Welcome, freshers! Here you'll find all the important information, from study plans to campus resources, to ensure a smooth start to student life. Discover how we can shape your academic success together!

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IT Services from GSG

The Institute of Computer Science offers employees and students extensive IT services. These include access to the computer pools, special software, W-LAN and printers.

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Learning Support BSc

The institute supports first- and second-semester students on the bachelor's degree programs in particular with learning support, which is offered several days a week during the lecture period.

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Living in Bonn

The university and the city of Bonn offer many opportunities to take part in events, do sports, visit theatres and museums, etc. Here you can find further information on leisure activities, German courses, events and much more.

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Module Handbooks

Detailed information on the content and organisation of the modules in our degree programmes.

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Two preliminary courses take place before the start of each winter semester. The preliminary courses provide important foundations for the bachelor's degree programs in Computer Science and Cybersecurity.

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Staff Directory

Lost the overview? Here you will find an overview of our staff, lecturers and contact persons.

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Student Body

Our student body represents the interests of students at the Institute of Computer Science and at b-it. It also organises various events.

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Study Counselling

We know that it can be difficult to keep on top of the jungle of information. If you have individual questions or need help planning your studies, our study counselling service will be happy to help.

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Study Orientation Test

The study orientation test is your key to finding out which degree program suits you best. With specific questions and well-founded results, we help you make the right decision for your academic future.

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