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Strengthening Equality in Computer Science

Our contribution to more colorful and fairer IT

Equal opportunities are not just a principle at the Department of Computer Science, they are actively promoted. Since 2020, the "GIDIS" (short for the German "Gleichstellung In Der Informatik Stärken" meaning "Strengthening Equality in Computer Science") working group has been dedicated to strengthening equal opportunities activities at our Department.

Our commitment extends across all levels — from students and doctoral candidates to postdocs, professors, and employees. We are committed to ensuring that everyone has the same opportunities and support. In doing so, we focus on various topics.

What We Stand for — Our Focus Topics

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Making Role Models Visible

We are committed to making achievable role models more visible and encouraging female students in particular to pursue a subsequent master's or doctoral degree in Computer Science. Through targeted mentoring programs and inspiring success stories, we promote the positive development of the next generation of female scientists.

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Improved Networking

In order to promote exchange and collaboration, we are working to improve networking between female students, doctoral candidates, postdocs and professors. Through regular events and networking opportunities, we create an open platform for professional exchange and personal contacts.

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Connection to the Economy

Our initiative aims to build bridges between the academic world and the business world. We arrange contacts and organize discussion groups to facilitate the transition from university to professional practice.

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Reducing Career Barriers

We are actively committed to reducing career barriers, particularly with regard to balancing family life with research travel and lectures. Through flexible working models and support in organizing professional commitments and family life, we create an environment in which everyone can develop their full potential.

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More Support for Young Talents

We invest in measures to encourage pupils to take an interest in computer science right from the start. Through workshops, projects and information events, we want to inspire and encourage young people to explore the many opportunities in computer science.

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Promoting Diversity, Inclusion & Equal Opportunities

The Institute of Computer Science is committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all. Together with the Equal Opportunities Office at the University of Bonn, we are committed to sustainable change, shaping a future where computer science is accessible and equitable for all.

What We Do — Our Measures

Our efforts for equality are manifested in concrete measures that are implemented in close cooperation with the Equal opportunities working groups for mathematics in Bonn and implemented through the offers of the Equal Opportunities Offices of the University of Bonn.

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The Networking Adventure of our Department

At the Networking Adventure, students and academics network with each other and with alumni. In this way, valuable personal contacts can be made, but also the professional exchange can be granted. The event also offers insights into the diverse career paths of alumni.

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The Grace Hopper Award for Outstanding Students

The Institute of Computer Science and the Bonner Informatik-Gesellschaft e. V. honor outstanding female students with the Grace Hopper Award. Each award winner receives a cash prize of 300 euros in addition to express recognition. Apply now!

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The Upswing Program — Reconciling Family and Career

Doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers and professors in temporary positions with children can apply for a financial grant for childcare or travel expenses for an accompanying person when actively participating in an external university event or research visit.

Would you like to play an active role in shaping equality measures in IT?

Then simply get in touch without obligation using the Contact details provided by us and come along to our next meeting. We look forward to hearing from you and your ideas!

Your Contact Persons

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Dr. Felix Boes
Academic Council

Room: 1.017
Phone: +49 228 73 60555

Mondays 14:00 to 15:00 and by arrangement

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Prof. Dr. Anne Driemel
Algorithmic geometry

Room: 2.060
Phone: +49 228 73 69683

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Prof. Dr. Matthew Smith
Behavioural Security

Room: 2.017
Phone: +49 228 73 60745

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Marena Richter
PhD student

Room: 2.065
Phone: +49 228 73 69690

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Lia an Haack

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Alisa Brazaityte

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GIDIS (Strengthening Equality in Computer Science)
Equal opportunities working group for Computer Science

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