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We are your contact for all questions about the examination process, the documentation of examinations, as well as for passing on information to other authorities or, in the form of appropriate certificates, to yourself.

The Computer Science and Cyber Security examination office is responsible for the degree programmes

  • Bachelor Informatik (B.Sc.)
  • Bachelor Cyber Security (B.Sc.)
  • Master Computer Science (M.Sc.) and
  • Master Cyber Security (M.Sc.)

If you study in a teaching degree programme (Lehramt) of the University of Bonn, your examination office is the office of the Bonner Zentrum für Lehrerbildung (BZL): please contact them.

If you study in a Master's programme from b-it (Life Science Informatics or Media Informatics), then your exams and records are handled by their respective examination offices. For Life Science Informatics, contact the b-it examination office. For Media Informatics, contact the examination office of the RWTH Aachen.

Registration at the start of your studies

At the beginning of your studies, you have to file an initial registration with the examination office, so that registration for exams becomes possible.

For the Bachelor's programme, you must fill out the form "Antrag auf Zulassung zur Bachelorprüfung" and present it to Mrs. König of the examination office, together with the documents listed on the form. Each year in November, there are two days on which the registration is done for all new Bachelor's students. Please look out for further notices and mailings to all first-semester students and to those changing subject or university.

For the Master's programme, you must fill out the form "Application for admission to the Master's examination" and submit it to Dr. Haverkort, together with the documents listed on the form, within the first six weeks of the lecture period. It is best to do this by post or in his consultation hours.

Registration and deregistration for modules and exams

It is not possible to use BASIS to register for participation in lectures, seminars or any other modules of the computer science institute. You should check in the on-line course catalogue whether it is possible, or even required, to register for participation in another way. Many modules have an eCampus site where you can register.

The number of participants in seminars, labs and project groups is often limited: register in time!

In all cases: Registration for participation does not count as registration for the exam! You always have to register for the exam separately, as described below.

Make sure that you are enrolled and registered and meet the admission requirements for the desired exams according to the module handbook (except for successful participation in the exercises, if applicable). You can register and deregister for the exam electronically in BASIS within the specified deadlines. Where required, registration for an exam is conditional, subject to successful participation in the exercises. If you have already completed the exercises successfully in a previous year, the result will be transferred automatically and you do not need to register for the exercises again.

Attention: Master's students who started their studies in the summer semester of 2023 or earlier and did not pass an exam in the first session, are automatically registered for the second session.

You can find the exam dates and the names of the examiners in BASIS. The form of the exam (written or oral examination) may differ from the form listed in the module handbook or the examination regulations. Deviations in the form of the examination and criteria for successful participation in the exercises will be announced by the examination board

Im Fall einer mündlichen Prüfung ist der Prüfungstermin in BASIS nur indikativ. Vereinbare mit den Prüfenden ein konkretes Datum und eine konkrete Uhrzeit. 

First make sure that you can take part in the module and that you are registered, and register for the exam on time. Registration for the exam is done electronically via BASIS. Deregistration is usually not possible.

The rules, registration procedures and deadlines of the examination office of the institute that offers the module apply. Be sure to inquire at the respective office on time.

For the professional internship in the Bachelor's of Cyber Security, a contract must be signed with your internship provider (company) before the start of the internship. After that, you and the examiner have to register the internship. You can find more information about the process and the required forms here.

You and your examiners must register your thesis project with the examination office before the start of the project. To get a topic for your project, please contact a lecturer: usually a lecturer whose lectures, project groups, seminars or labs you took part in. You can find more information about registration and submission here.

Cross-registered students, participants in the FFF oder FdIS programmes, students who study at another institute and take our courses as a minor, and ERASMUS students (if they cannot register for exams in BASIS), can register or deregister for exams directly with the lecturers of the modules with this form. You can find the deadlines here.

If you pass the exam, you can receive an exam certificate from the examination office upon request. The certificate will be issued within one month after the end of the semester. If you enroll in one of our study programmes, the result of your examination can be credited towards your study programme upon request

"Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigungen" (certificates of incapacity for work, also known as "gelbe Scheine") are not accepted. Instead, you must present this form to the doctor.

Complete the form, as filled out by the doctor, with the information about the examination dates that you missed. Then send the form filled to the examination office.

When you have to cancel an exam for compelling reasons other than illness when  deregistration via BASIS is no longer possible, then you must submit an individual application to be excused.

Anyone whose study progress has been as prescribed by the programme and who has passed a module in the first examination period of a semester can, under certain conditions, be examined again in the second examination period in order to try to improve their grade.

In the Bachelor's programmes, this is only possible for compulsory modules.
In the Master's programmes, this is only possible for a maximum of three modules and only in the first three semesters.

Students who started their Master's degree programme in the summer semester 2023 or earlier may, under certain conditions, also make an attempt to improve their grade in the year after passing the examination (see examination regulations).

If the requirements for an attempt to improve your grade are met but registration for the examination via BASIS does not work, please send an e-mail to pos@informatik.uni-bonn.de.

Certificates and attestations

Degree certificates and certificates of examination (the final transcript) are generally issued as soon as all requirements have been met and any questions regarding which modules should be listed as additional modules have been clarified.

Please let us know what email address we can use to contact you after you have (been) deregistered as a student. As soon as the certificates are ready to be picked up, we will contact you by email.

Would you like confirmation that someone who has applied to you has actually obtained a degree from us?

If you send us a scan of the degree certificate or the certificate of examinations by email, we will check the authenticity of the document.

Have you lost your degree certificate or your certificate of examinations?

You can apply for a duplicate copy from the examination office by providing your name, date of birth, your former matriculation number, the date you completed your course of study and a scan of the photo page of your passport or the front of your ID card.

It can take a few weeks to create a duplicate because various signatures have to be obtained.

After you have passed all your exams, it may take a few months before the final grade is determined and you obtain your final certificates. However, if you urgently need a certificate that you have successfully completed your studies, the examination office can issue it to you.

Please note: A prerequisite for this is that the examiners of your thesis confirm that you have passed, even if the grade has not yet been determined.

If you need an English version of the transcript of records for applications or studies abroad, you can obtain one directly from BASIS.

Please note: the transcript from BASIS also lists all failed exams.

However, with the form "Transcript of Records", you can create a transcript of records without the failed exams yourself. You can then present this transcript to the examination office for confirmation by stamp and signature.

If you want to move to another university without having completed your studies at the University of Bonn, the authorities of your new university will need to see proof that you still had permission to continue your studies with us and did not fail on a final attempt for a required module.

Upon presentation of your valid ID card, we will provide you with the required certificate at any office hour at the examination office so that you can take it with you immediately.

The form that is commonly referred to as "Studienverlaufsbescheinigung" is required to extend your residence permit. It may also be needed to move forward from a student visa to a job seeker visa.

If your immigration officer asks for this form, please ask her/him to send us the relevant form directly as a PDF by email to pa@informatik.uni-bonn.de. We can then fill it out, sign it and send it back via email directly to your immigration officer.

Of course, you also have the option of submitting the form to the examination office yourself. Simply come to our office hours. After the processing time you can pick up the form again.

Just remember that in both cases processing takes approximately 14 days.

In urgent cases, please write to pa+visa@informatik.uni-bonn.de.

You need BAföG Form 5 if you have to provide the so-called "Leistungsnachweis" (proof of achievement) after semester 4. In this way, the office makes sure that you have actually studied and that you are still entitled to receive BAföG.

You can now submit proof of achievement yourself in accordance with BAföG Section 48 Paragraph 1 Sentence 1 No. 3 since the 23rd BAföG Amendment Act by submitting your "Notenspiegel" or Transcript of Records (aus BASIS/HISinONe), which means that it is no longer necessary to have Form 5 processed by the examination office.

Please note: According to the decision of the examination board, if you have achieved 50% of the ETCS that would have been achievable in the degree programme as designed, the eligibility for funding will be certified (even without a signature from the BAföG representative):

  • At the end of the fourth semester: 60 out of 120 ETCS
  • At the end of the fifth semester: 75 out of 150 ETCS
  • At the end of the sixth semester: 90 out of 180 ETCS

Would you like to take out a student loan and you need forms filled out by us to apply? Then just come to our office hours with the forms and we will fill them out for you straight away.

Do you need a certificate for the Kindergeldkasse (child benefit fund) that you are still a student? Then just come and see us during our consultation hours. We can create certificates for the Kindergeldkasse directly for you.

As a rule, it is enough to submit your certificate of enrollment in order to remain entitled to receive Kindergeld.

Other matters of study planning

Would you like to complete a module that is not included in the module handbook as an elective module in your studies? Check on our page on modules off the beaten track to see what requirements must be met.

Modules that you have completed successfully elsewhere, for example in other subjects or at other universities, can be counted towards your degree programme with us, provided they are of the appropriate academic level and their contents fit in your programme. Check out our page on credits for modules completed elsewhere to find out what you need to do to make your achievements count, or ask for advice during our office hours.

As a gesture of goodwill, the examination board currently allows our own Bachelor's students to register for exams in up to five Master's modules via BASIS before they have completed their Bachelor's degree.

The prerequisite for registration is that you have already obtained at least 150 ETCS that count towards your Bachelor's degree, including the compulsory Projektgruppe. Completed Master's modules are not counted towards your Bachelor's degree. However, if you enroll in the Master's programme, the completed Master's modules can be recognized upon request, by the same procedure as for modules completed elsewhere.

Pregnant students are entitled to maternity leave. There is no obligation to attend courses six weeks before the child's expected birth date and eight weeks after birth. If you would like to take maternity leave, you must report the pregnancy to the university.

If you take part in courses without first reporting your pregnancy, you will lose your rights under the Mutterschutzgesetz (maternity protection act) automatically. You can find detailed information about how to register your pregnancy here.

If you want to switch to one of our Bachelor's programmes after studying in another programme or at another university, we must first determine in which semester of our programme you can be placed. We formally have to do this even if you did not actually complete any modules in your prior studies. 

You can find out exactly how this works and what requirements you have to meet to change university or subject here.

In our Bachelor's programmes, it is possible to switch between full-time and part-time studies once. To do this, you need a so-called "Einstufungsbescheinigung" from the examination office, which states which semester you will be placed in after the switch.

You can arrange everything else together with the student registry.

The examination board

The examination board is the body that implements the examination regulations, determines and announces registration deadlines and  other conditions of the examinations, and decides, with student participation, on your applications.

Individual applications

Individual applications (e.g. for procedures that deviate from the regular course of examinations according to the regulations) must be addressed to the examination board. If a suitable form is not available on this website, simply write a letter with a brief explanation of your request.

Please make sure that you provide the following information: first name and last name, email address, date and original signature.

Attention: Applications must always be submitted on paper with an original signature; scans are not permitted. You are welcome to send larger inserts by email.


Mail address: Prüfungsamt Informatik, Universität Bonn, Hirzebruch Allee 5, 53115 Bonn

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Judith König
Examination office

Your contact for all matters except admissions, credits for modules taken elsewhere, and technical problems with BASIS.

For up-to-date contact information and office hours click here.

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Dr. Herman Haverkort
Programme management

Your contact if you want to get credit for modules taken elsewhere.

Office hours:
Mondays 11:00-12:30 in Office 0.022 and by appointment.

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Dr. Michael Nüsken
Programme management

Your contact if your experience technical problems with BASIS.

Office hours:
by appointment.

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Admissions office
Manager: Dr. Herman Haverkort

Your contact for matters around admission to our programmes.

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