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Women in STEM at Uni Bonn

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In order to build a thriving network that empowers the women at our faculty, we established the group Women in STEM at Uni Bonn. Our group focuses on promoting education and training in the form of workshops and small group discussions. Additionally, we are an umbrella group for the gender equality groups of the departments and, as such, our goal is to provide resources that address the fundamental challenges the Women in STEM community faces.


Our events and activities encourage an ongoing dialogue and active participation to share interests, information, ideas, experiences and concerns. For each semester we create in-person and online opportunities for the Women in STEM community members to connect, network, and grow relationships. Some events offer support from Alumni, mainly Alumna in addition to networking with women working in the STEM field.

Women in STEM at Uni Bonn  is an entirely volunteer-driven group, and we welcome your participation, regardless of your gender. We  are looking for enthusiastic and committed  new members. In case you want to be part of our group, please, send an email to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] .