Universität Bonn

Institute of Computer Science

09. July 2024

Award: Presentation of the first Best Poster Award Award: Presentation of the first Best Poster Award

Congratulations - This year's Best Poster Award goes to Mischa Meier and his team © Zoé Sánchez / Uni Bonn
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The posters were created by our dedicated doctoral students and covered a wide range of current research topics. The event offered participants the opportunity to engage intensively with the research results presented and to exchange ideas with the researchers. The numerous visitors were able to vote for the best poster, with the Best Poster Award recognising in particular the appealing and comprehensible presentation of scientific content. The winner was the poster "Creating a Fully Automated Cyber Reasoning System" by Mischa Meier. He is part of the Behavioural Security working group in Department 4, Security and Networked Systems and also heads the Wasps research group, which is taking part in the Artificial Intelligence Cyber Challenge (AIxCC).

This event showcases the excellent research work of our doctoral students and strengthens scientific exchange within the institute.

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