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01. April 2024

Join us for Girls'Day 2024! Join us for Girls'Day 2024!

"Green Job": Are you wondering how to respond to climate change? Then we have the answer for you!
"Green Job": Are you wondering how to respond to climate change? Then we have the answer for you! - On April 25, you can get a taste of science at Girls'Day! Our scientists from computer science and geodesy will show you how they respond to climate change using algorithms and surveying the world © Volker Lannert / University of Bonn
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This year's Girls'Day will take place on April 25, 2024 and we will be participating once again with an offer jointly with the Collaborative Research Center 1502 "DETECT"! Girls aged 13 and over can look forward to a wide range of activities in which they can find out how we computer scientists and geodesists contribute to counteracting climate change through our daily work.

Climate protection means that people are working to ensure that the climate does not change so much. The earth has been warming since industrialization in the 19th century. This is mainly due to greenhouse gases. If there are more of them in the atmosphere, it gets warmer.

The aim of people in "green jobs" is to find solutions to keep the warming of our planet to a minimum, because scientists assume that even greater global warming would have very serious consequences for our planet and its inhabitants.

In order to achieve these goals, many scientists are working closely together across disciplines. Geodesists and computer scientists, for example: While geodesists observe and measure the current state of our planet and our climate, both with measuring devices from the ground and with satellite images, computer scientists develop models and algorithms to understand and evaluate this data. The findings that they collect together then help to find concrete solutions and measures to respond to climate change.

Does this sound exciting and are you interested in a "green job"? Then come along and get a taste of science!

We'll show you what we can learn about our planet from surveying the world and applying algorithms and how we as computer scientists and geodesists can respond to climate change!

Together, we will carry out exciting experiments on Girs'Day so that you can gain an insight into our work as scientists in computer science and geodesy. For example, in one of the experiments we will show you how we can observe and understand the rise in sea level.

Curious to find out more? Then sign up now!

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Institute for Geodesy and Geoinformation
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