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The Grace Hopper Award for Outstanding Female Students

If in doubt – do it

The Institute of Computer Science and the Bonner Informatik-Gesellschaft e.V. honors outstanding female students with the Grace Hopper Award. This award bears the name of the Computer Science pioneer Grace Hopper, who is not only known for her outstanding scientific achievements, but also for her determination and courage to break new ground.

In keeping with their motto "If in doubt - do it", we encourage our female students to apply for the Grace Hopper Award! This is because the award serves as recognition for outstanding achievements by female students in the field of Computer Science and as encouragement to continue walking in Grace Hopper's footsteps by driving excellence and innovation in Computer Science.

Some of our award winners have made their theses available (accessible from the University network).

The Grace Hopper Award 101

Are you wondering whether you can apply for an award, what requirements you need to fulfill or how the application process works? You can find the answers to your questions here.

What requirements do I need to fulfill?

The only requirement is that you have completed a very good student research project (project group, Bachelor's thesis, lab, Master's thesis) within the last or current semester or have made a significant contribution to a publication.

Can I apply myself or do I have to be nominated?

Either you or your supervisor can register for the Grace Hopper Award. All you have to do is fill out the form. In addition, you or your supervisor should attach an informal letter explaining what your (scientific) contribution is and why your work is particularly good.
The deadline for submissions is May 30.

There must be better works than mine, right?

We recognize the quality of your work and clearly take into account the progress you have made in your studies. If you think that your work is very good but not the best, talk to your supervisor about the prizes or ask former prize winners for advice. And always remember Grace's motto: "If in doubt - do it"!

Why should I apply for the Grace Hopper Award?

Each award winner is not only honored with explicit recognition, but also serves as an inspiration to fellow female students to encourage them to follow in Grace Hopper's footsteps by driving excellence and innovation with their work in Computer Science.

Is there any prize money?

Yes, each prizewinner not only receives an award and recognition from the entire institute, but also prize money of 300 euros.

How many people are honored each year and when?

Every year, three to five female students receive the Grace Hopper Prize. The award ceremony is an integral part of the institute's summer party.

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