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How can we deal with massive data sets which are too large to even read them? How can we analyze DNA sequences? How can we efficiently measure distances? How can we design unbreakable codes? How can we design even faster computer chips? Those are among the most fundamental questions of algorithmics.

The main goal of algorithmics is to advance our knowledge on what can be done efficiently by means of computers. To find answers to this question, we perform both theoretical and experimental analyses. In our theoretical work, we formalize the problem statement and feasible ways to solve it. Within such a formal model, we can prove positive and negative results in a mathematically rigorous way. In our experimental work, we often verify such theoretical findings or we can demonstrate that common assumptions are too pessimistic.

In this process we need to understand the inherent structure of the problems, and to discover appropriate methods and paradigms to solve them. This way, the questions often boil down to very fundamental mathematical questions.

Research Groups

Algorithmic research at the University of Bonn is performed both in the Institute of Computer Science (CS) and the Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics (DM). Researchers from these institutes also constitute the research area "Combinatorial optimization, complexity, and chip design" of the Hausdorff Center of Mathematics. Please click on the following links to find out more about the research in our field.

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