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Date: Oct 19, 2023


The advanced computer science course of the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Gymnasium Bonn visited our Autonomous Intelligent Systems group and gained valuable insights into studies and the work as a scientist.

"How do I actually know whether a specific career or field of study suits me?" This is certainly a question that many high school students ask themselves during their time at school.

Personal interests or the selected advanced courses may already give a rough direction, but how often does a course of study then turn out to be different than one had imagined?

To counteract this surprise, the high schoool students of the advanced computer science course of the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Gymnasium in Bonn went on an excursion and visited our computer science institute. The agenda included a presentation by Dr. Nils Goerke on the structure and process of a computer science program, a visit to the AG Autonomous Intelligent Systems – where scientists from the AG not only presented their work but also answered the students' questions – and a discussion with current computer science students.

The feedback from the high school students was very positive, and many considered the excursion to be particularly beneficial for their decision-making process.

At this point, we would like to commend Dr. Nils Goerke, the scientits and students who invested their time in this important work!

We hope to welcome some of these highly motivated students to our Computer Science department as students in the coming years.


Read the report of the students of the EMA-Gymnasium (in german)

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