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09. July 2024

Honouring outstanding students in computer science: awarding of the Grace Hopper Prize and the BIG Master's/Bachelor's thesis prize Outstanding computer science students honoured: Grace Hopper Prize and BIG Master/Bachelor Thesis Prize

Congratulations - The winners of the Grace Hopper Prize and BIG Master's/Bachelor's thesis prize © Zoé Sánchez / Uni Bonn
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The Institute of Computer Science at the University of Bonn and the Bonner Informatik Gesellschaft e.V. are pleased to announce this year's winners of the Grace Hopper Prize and the best Master's and Bachelor's theses. The award ceremony traditionally took place as part of the Institute's summer party and serves as an inspiring example for other students to achieve excellence in computer science.

The Grace Hopper Prize

In the spirit of its namesake Grace Hopper, the prize honours outstanding scientific achievements by female students in computer science and encourages the courage to pursue innovative paths. The jury - consisting of Prof. Dr Anne Driemel, Prof. Dr Christian Bauckhage, Prof. Dr Jürgen Gall and Dr Felix Boes - selected three applicants from the many excellent submissions. The winners are

  • Anna Höpfner for her bachelor thesis "Sybil recognition through topological deep learning on cell complexes"
  • Lea Nguyen for her bachelor thesis "Prediction of fMRI activations from diffusion MRI scans with deep learning methods"
  • Cong Zhao for her bachelor's thesis "Controlled Random Interference in deep Learning based Language Models" and the resulting article "Controlled Randomness Improves the Performance of Transformer Models", which was published at the International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA) 2023.

The Grace Hopper Prize, named after the American computer science pioneer, is awarded annually to three to five female students who have distinguished themselves through their excellent academic work. The award not only includes an official honour, but also prize money. More information can be found here.

The BIG Master's/Bachelor's thesis prize 2023

The association Bonner Informatik-Gesellschaft e.V. (BIG) honoured the best theses of the year for the ninth time. Theses of particular scientific value were selected, as well as those that illustrate the importance of computer science in its applications in a special way. The jury consisted of Dr Nils Goerke, Prof Dr Heiko Röglin, Prof Dr Reinhard Klein and Prof Dr Thomas Schultz. A total of eight theses were honoured this year. The winners are:

  • Janik Schug for his Master's thesis "Securing Biometric Access Control"
  • Sebastian Tasch for his master's thesis "IDN-Android-Viz: Development & Evaluation of an IDN Visualisation App"
  • Julia Hütte for her bachelor thesis "Nash equilibria in the Voronoi game on line graphs"
  • Michael Kaibel for his bachelor thesis "Engineering Worst Case Data Structures for Dynamic Graph Connectivity"
  • Mona Lauter for her bachelor thesis "Efficient localisation of objects based on the Isbell path"
  • Julian Meffert for his bachelor thesis "ILP-Based Approaches for Graph Edit Distance"
  • Johanna Ockenfels for her bachelor thesis "Nash Equilibria in the Single-Selection Variation of the Isolation Game"
  • Leander Schickhaus for his bachelor thesis "Migration and evaluation of an IDN network receiver"

We would like to congratulate all the winners for their achievements and wish them continued success!

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