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User Accounts

The responsibility for assigning user accounts at the institute depends on the respective scope. On the one hand, it is provided by the departments, that assign accounts in particular for staff and guests, on the other hand for students that need access to the main computer pool and the student computers in the department of computer science III.

Allocation of useraccounts (central and Informatik III)

  1. Central Student Computer administered by Shared IT Administration C.S./b-it (GSG)
    Applicant: Major subject Informatik
    with student number in major subject, minor subject, Magister and Promotion Minor subject Informatik
    Procedure: Computer dialog and following printout of application formular

    Sign formular and toss it into the box
    Major: Applicant, Minor: Applicant and tutor

    Room: Post Office
    Notification: Notice in hallway inside container building, every friday
    1. Type of Application: First appication
      UNIX and Windows
      Date: everytime
      Requirement: ID-card with photograph to get the ZKS-Card
    2. Type of Application: Renewal
      UNIX and Windows
      Date: needed at start of each winter term
      Requirement: UNIX Password if unknown: ID-card
  2. Informatik III studentcomputer
    (A106, A227) administered by Systemgruppe Angewandte Informatik

    Applicant: Hauptfach und Nebenfach Informatik
    Date: everytime (for a semester or limited time)
    1. Type of Application: central UNIX account for Informatik III computers. Only procedure
      Procedure: Tutor, teacher or similar registeres the student
      Requirement: Active account on central student computers Active participation in main studies or graduating at the Institut for Informatik III
      Notification: per email or by a caretaker, like a tutor or a teacher
    2. Type of Application: Firstapplication Windows Password Domain IAI
      Procedure: webbased over Link the Informatik III withInformatik III UNIX account
      Requirement: active UNIX account for the Informatik III
      Notification:  directly by the program-
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