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Print Account

Balance and account

As soon as you get a user account you will get a printing account as well, which is initialized with 51 Cents.

Printing of a page debits from your printing account. If the balance is too low for a printing job or the tolerated overdraft of 2 Euro is exceeded, new jobs will be canceled until your account is rebalanced. If a massively overdrafted account is not getting squared the associated user account will be banned temporarily for the general purpose computer pools and the terminals of Informatik III.

Part of the central print accounting are printers of departments II, III and IV and the computer pools.

Balance and options

You can pay into your account via bank deposit or bank transfer.

Using the program pacinfo you can check your balance. User rights are manageable with pacmod and listing all printers is possible with prtinfo.

pacinfo is available on the terminals in the computer pools and on the server

ZKS-Card (keycard)

Keycards will be purchased via the printing account as well. The first one is free, a new one will cost 7 Euro, for example after loss.

For more information on this topic see the page on the ZKS.


Credit can not be refunded. It is possible after finishing your study and deleting your account to transfer the credit to another PAC-account.

The initial 51 Cent can not be transferred.

For transferring your credit at deletion of your account you have to contact Please use your own computer science mail account for this. For legal information see the German version of this page.


The development and support of the central Print Accounting Systems is done by the Systemgruppe Angewandte Informatik (SGA). You can contact them writing to Questions about specific printers and the actual debiting on these machines should be directed only at the corresponding technical personnel that is taking care of the specific printers. They will also help you with problems.

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