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Important Notes

Handout of access card for our PC pools (Container building)

You can get the access cards only at our helpdesk located in the CIP buildung. You may need assistance from one of your fellow students, who already has a card, to enter the building.

Important notes:

  • You need an account at the institute to get an access card. An extension of your account is required at least three days before getting the card.
  • Please keep your old access cards, they are still needed for access to the Altbau.
  • An application for an account (or the extension) can be filed in the mailroom, left of the building entrance. See user accounts for more information.

First steps for our new students

Hello newbies,

please follow these important steps after enrolling in computer science, regardless of it being your major or minor:

  1. Apply for an account at our institute. Find out how
  2. When your account is ready, get an access card at the helpdesk, so that you can use the computer pools at the institute. Find out where the helpdesk is
  3. With your account comes a free email address. You need to check this address regularily (forward it to or fetch it with your primary email account!), as important matters like exam registration periods are emailed to this address. Find out more
  4. After you have received your card you can access the computer pools. Find out where
  5. Here you can use the printers for a small fee, which will be deducted from your printing account (PAC). Find out about our printers
  6. Every account comes with free diskspace, which is accessible from every computer in the institute, as well as from anywhere else via ssh. This is called your home directory.
  7. Via WiFi you can always be online when at the institute. Find out how
  8. Via VPN you can access the institute's intranet from home or access the internet from the institute. Find out how
  9. Lastly we want you to take notice of some regulations during your stay at the institute. Please take a look here and here
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