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Transcript of Records

This provides an overview of the modules you have taken (and hopefully passed) in your course of study.

You can access your transcript of records via Basis. Click on "My functions" and then "Exams Extract". Click on your degree, then click on the info box next to "Master of Computer Science 2007".

The structure of the transcript of records is a bit unwieldy, but mostly self-explaining. All relevant information is on there, however, and you can even create a pdf-version with a verification code.

Depiction of your modules

Every single one of your modules is listed on your transcript of records. Each module takes up three or more lines:

  1. The main module description occurs only once. It stands for the whole module. Examination codes for main module descriptions start with 6121...
  2. Every examination attempt you use creates a line below the main module description. This line starts with the number 6122...
  3. Additionally, every exam you register for creates an exercise line which starts with 6123... (except for seminars and labs, which have no exercises.)
The fourth digit of the exam number indicates the type of entry in the respective line. Please note that the exercise line does not disappear if you deregister from the exam.
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