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A guide on how to navigate Basis. You will learn about the important sections, as well as the login process.


Field of Study

This manual explains to all students of the Master of Computer Science Program how to register for examinations of computer science courses.

Login Name

Students can access BASIS from the open internet without using VPN via the following URL: In order to register, you need to have a login name (uni-id) of Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ) and a corresponding password. You should have received both upon enrollment, you can it find on the first page of your study documentation in the topmost section. Please note, that you can only use the login name that has been assigned to you by HRZ. Neither an alias nor your Informatik login name are valid.

How to log into BASIS

Please access the homepage of Basis via the following URL: First switch to English using the British flag in the upper right corner. Most but not all information will appear in English now. To reach the login page, please click onto Login below the university logo. Then enter your login name and password.

Please take your time and attentively follow the procedures on the screen. Please also pay attention to the information displayed. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Please read before you act.

How to navigate within the tree structure

Registration for examination: How to select your degree program

Having successfully logged-in, you enter the BASIS homepage. All relevant links for examination registration will be displayed in the menu named My Functions. Please click onto Apply for Exams (fig. 1). Please read the fine print and accept it (see page bottom).

Please note: the menu item Registration/Unregistration of Lectures must not be used! Please use the function Apply for Exams instead.


Figure 1: Available functions in BASIS


Figure 2: Top level of the exam tree

Tree structure of degree program

For a successful registration, please follow the tree structure below the folder Master of Science Computer Science 2007.Clicking on the folder makes your study program appear, which in your case should be Master of Science Computer Science 2007 (fig. 2). [2007 designates the year, the examination rules have been published in. This number does not designate the semester you are currently attending.] Now please select it.  


Figure 3: Exam tree, module level

How to open the tree structure

Please open the subtree to which the module you are intending to register for belongs (fig. 3). Your degree program is subdivided into different elements of the examination rules. The different modules of your degree program are assigned to these elements. All elements are tagged by small letters in a circle:

(k) Account

(m) Module

(p) Examination

In the Computer Science Department you can only register for examinations (p).


Figure 4: Module opened, exam visible

Support and detailed information

Please read this manual and the information on the screen carefully. If you cannot register for exams or if you have questions that are not answered by the manual, please send an email to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]. We will try and help you as soon as possible. Please do not contact us by phone. Please do not come by our office without appointment.

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