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Registering for or deregistering from an exam

You need to use Basis, to register for or deregister from an exam.

For general questions about logging into and navigating Basis, please refer to this section.

Registration periods and notifications

Registration periods are listed on the general information page for students. We also send time-sensitive information like the start date of a registration period to the email address of our students.

Please make sure you receive and read your university emails ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]) in a timely fashion.

Register immediately at the start of a registration period, do not wait until the last day. If you encounter technical problems, please email [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] . Most problems can be solved before the end of the registration period.

Module prerequisites

According to the module handbook, some modules require you to have successfully finished other prerequisites modules. If you do not meet these prerequisites and try to register for an exam, your registration will be denied.

Your registration will also be denied if you have previously passed a module, and try to register for it again. 

How to register for an examination

Please navigate to the relevant examination as explained on the previous page. Open the subtree of the relevant examination by clicking on it. This makes information on the examination appear. (fig. 1). Please click on the green link registration of exam


Figure 1: Exam opened, date is visible

Some exams may not have dates yet, but you still have to register for them within the registration period.


Figure 2: Confirmation

How to confirm the registration

Every time you have clicked a registration link, you are asked to confirm the registration (fig. 2). Having registered successfully, you will receive an overview (synopsis) of all exams you have registered for (fig. 3). Please click on Continue registration and select the next exam you are intending to register for.


Figure 3: Overview of registered exams

You will receive an email to your university email address for every exam you have registered for. If you are missing a confirmation email, this can be a sign for a failed registration.

How to deregister

You have the possibility to deregister from an exam within a certain period of time. Deregistering from an exam works just like registering for it. All registered exams have a red-colored link called Prüfungsanmeldung stornieren, which allows you to cancel the registration.

Please note: if you decide to deregister after the registration period has ended, you cannot re-register for the exam!

Grade Improvement

You have limited options for improving grades of exams you did inadequately on. You have to submit a written request to the examination office. Please refer to  §12.4 of the examination rules for the details.

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