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Online Teaching in Winter Semester 2020/21

It is planned to conduct the teaching in the winter semester in online mode as before in the summer semester.

Course materials will be provided online to prepare for the start of winter semester. You can find more information about this in the eCampus.

Sources of Information

  1. On this page, here at this point, you will always find current information on online teaching in computer science.
  2. Basis (electronic course catalog) offers specific information on all courses. Usually, you will also find a button that directs you to the associated eCampus course.
  3. On eCampus you will find teaching materials and information on the course outline. Please register in the eCampus courses at short notice and understand what further steps are necessary to pass the specific course. You do not need a password for this.
  4. The International Office provides information for international students.


To broadcast online events, the University has obtained licenses for the Zoom video conferencing system. This will be used for online lectures. As a participant you can use Zoom with a client software, an app, or just with an internet browser. You do not need an account or a license. If you wish to test out Zoom beforehand you can create a free account.

As a second option, the Informatics Department is hosting a BigBlueButton system with Greenlight frontend. This will be used for tutorials, seminars, labs, and other classes. Students do not need to create an account. BigBlueButton also runs in the browser.

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