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Questions on eligibility

Am I eligible?

Please check out our eligibility website for detailed guidelines to estimate your eligibility. Not eligible to apply are graduates of application-oriented programs and programs specializing in one area like computer engineering. For a detailed list of non-eligible subjects, please see the following page: Am I eligible?

Questions on applying

How do I apply for the master's program?

Candidates need to apply via our online application form with a complete application and before the relevant deadline. We do not accept letters or emails with application documents.  Further information on the application procedure is published here: Application

Also, before you apply, please check if you are eligible. You can see our eligibility criteria on our homepage: Am I eligible?

What are the required documents for my application?

For information about the required documents, please have a look here: Application

I missed the deadline to apply for the next intake. Is there any chance my application will still be considered?

No, we cannot accept applications after the given deadlines. You have the opportunity to apply for the following intake. For more information on our deadlines, please have a look here: Application

Is TOEFL/IELTS mandatory?

For information about the english language requirements, please have a look here: Application

What if my TOEFL/IELTS score is being sent late?

You can apply for our master´s program without having your TOEFL/IELTS score yet, as long as you submit the rest of the application documents before the relevant deadline. Your TOEFL/IELTS score can be submitted by email to application(at) after the deadline. If you do not send us any score, we will not consider your application.

Questions on problems with travelling to Bonn

I cannot get my visa on time. Can I defer the start of my studies to the next semester?

No, sorry. The Cybersecurity programme has very few spots and strict regulations for admission. It is not possible to defer the start of your studies to another semester than the one to which you are admitted.

Questions on financial matters

What are the monthly costs for a student in Bonn?

Students of University of Bonn have to pay an administration fee of around 290 Euro per semester (which means twice a year and not per month!). The fee includes a public transportation ticket for all of Northrhine-Westphalia. In addition to that, living in Bonn costs between 800 and 900 Euro per month, depending on your personal standard. Further info on the cost of living in Germany is published on this DAAD-Website and our website at: Costs and Financial Support

How can I find a student job?

Please refer to our page Job Openings.

Where can I get information on scholarships?

There are plenty of scholarships you can apply for. To get a better overview, we listed some scholarship databases for you, where you can find a scholarship suitable for you. In addition to that, we have listed some organizations that offer scholarships to international students on this page: Costs and Financial Support

I have applied for a DAAD scholarship and need a confirmation of my application for University of Bonn. Where do I get this form?

We do not provide any forms until you are accepted as a student at our institute. This means that only if you get accepted will you receive a letter of acceptance, which you can send to DAAD. Please note that all applications will be processed within six weeks after the deadline of the respective intake. We will reply to you by email. Please wait for this reply. Queries on the status of your application will not be answered!

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