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Studying computer science at University of Bonn

Our master of science in computer science: general, theory-focused, research-based

You are looking for a general computer science master of science program with a focus on theoretical computer science and a research-based profile? Your bachelor's degree in computer science has provided you with a broad and solid foundation in both theoretical and practical areas of computer science plus mathematics? Then our English-taught, two-year full-time master's program is the right choice for you.

The curriculum of this master's program is closely connected to the ongoing research of our institute`s research groups. Our students need to attend courses from at least three out of the four tracks offered within the master's curriculum: Algorithmics, Graphics/Vision/Audio, Information and Communication Management, Intelligent Systems. This program provides our students with the expert knowledge, skills and methods as well as interdisciplinary key qualifications required for both a scientific and a professional career.

All accepted candidates can profit from our Student Services including a student advisor and a service office (Bachelor-Master-Office/see right column for contact details) providing guidance on all aspects of a master's student's life.

Further information

Module handbook, regulations, and forms

Cooperation partners

The Institute for Informatics of University of Bonn has a long-standing tradition. Founded in 1969 as one of the first institutes for computer science in Germany, it has since been known for its substantiated instruction, which is strongly characterized by the closeness to up-to-date research in all areas of computer science. The Institute for Informatics closely cooperates with internationally renowned research institutions in and near Bonn as well as international companies. This enables our students to take part in forward-thinking internal project groups, and also broadens the range of fascinating subjects for theses and research work - a first and decisive step towards a scientific career.

Research institutions in and near Bonn:

Career opportunities

Taking into account the highly regarded qualification this master's program offers, our graduates have excellent perspectives on the job market. Graduates of this master's program can continue their career with a PhD in public and private research institutions or work for German and international companies. Many of our international graduates settle in Germany. Particularly in the Bonn-Cologne area there are a number of companies in constant demand for experts in the computer science sector.

The University of Bonn maintains a career center that prepares students for the needs of the professional world and supports alumni during  their first steps towards a professional career. In addition to that, our university's international office in cooperation with the federal employment agency offers help for international students in finding a job after graduation.

Where our students come from

Around 350 students from 52 countries are currently studying in our master's program, and all continents but Australia are represented.

Am I eligible?

We strongly advise all prospective students to learn about our eligibility criteria before applying.


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