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Living in Bonn

Bonn is a lively city of about 300.000 inhabitants situated at the river Rhine. With 31.000 students University of Bonn is one of the largest universities in Germany. The different campuses of the university are spread around town and greatly influence the character of this city - its inviting and laid-back atmosphere, its richness in cultural activities and its cosmopolitan ambiance. 4.000 international students are currently studying at University of Bonn. In addition to that, Bonn hosts a number of international organisations including the United Nations and more than 150 non-governmental organisations.

Ludwig van Beethoven, Bonn’s most famous citizen, was born here in 1770. An annual music festival is named after him: the International Beethoven Festival takes place every autumn. Various museums are waiting to be explored all year round. Bundeskunsthalle, for example, showcases temporary exhibitions of international renown. All in all, Bonn looks back on 2000 years of history. The cityscape still reflects many historical aspects: Roman traces as well as the marks of the era, when Bonn was the residence of the Princes Elector. The University of Bonn was founded in 1818 by the German emperor Friedrich Wilhelm III.

The Institute for Informatics is located on Campus Bonn-Castell in a calm and safe district only a hundred metres off the banks of the river Rhine. The campus includes the university's sports facilities most of which can be used for free by our students.


Although Bonn is not the most expensive city, finding affordable accommodation might be difficult, especially at the beginning of a semester. Prospective students of the Master of Computer Science Program can get a room at one of the student residences run by Studentenwerk Bonn. Alternatively, students can opt for a private accommodation. For further information on accommodation for students, please consult this page. Also have a look at the website of AstA's Foreign Students Department, their staff can help you find accommodation. 

Student jobs

Many German students finance their studies by working. International students are also allowed to work in Germany. The International Office has listed all information concerning work permits for international students. For detailed info on how to finance your studies, please have a look at this page.

The University

Brochures to download with general information on the University of Bonn:

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