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Sample Modules

Each semester, a choice of modules, which means lectures, seminars and labs from all four tracks is offered. The complete curriculum of our master's program is listed in the module handbook. The choice of modules offered in the respective semester is published in the online course catalogue BASIS. To give you an idea which topics are covered in the master's curriculum, here's a list of sample modules from all four tracks:


  • Pearls of Algorithms (lecture)
  • Probabilistic Analysis of Algorithms (lecture)
  • Online Motion Planning (lecture)
  • Advanced Topics in Cryptography (seminar)
  • Computational Geometry (lab)

Graphics, Vision, Audio:

  • Computer Vision (lecture)
  • Selected Topics in Signal Processing (lecture)
  • Physics-based modeling (lecture)
  • Track Computer Graphics (seminar)
  • Lab Computer Animation (lab)

Information and Communication Management:

  • Intelligent Information Systems (lecture)
  • Network Security (lecture)
  • Introduction to Sensor Data Fusion (lecture)
  • Selected Topics in Information Management: Managing Graph Data (seminar)
  • Model-Driven Software Engineering (lab)

Intelligent Systems:

  • Intelligent Learning and Analysis Systems (lecture)
  • Robot Learning (lecture)
  • Technical Neural Nets (lecture)
  • Cognitive Robotics (seminar)
  • Knowledge-based Image Understanding (lab)
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