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Curriculum B.Sc. Informatik

Our master's program is a consecutive study program. It builds upon the curriculum of our German-taught bachelor's program in informatics which has a standard period of study of six semesters. Information on the compulsory lectures in the curriculum of this program is provided in English as a reference for applicants of our master's program. We expect from all applicants to have rock solid knowledge in all of the following topics:

1st semester:

  • Logic and Discrete Structures
  • Information Systems
  • Computer Engineering
  • Algorithmic Thinking and Imperative Programming

2nd semester:

  • Linear Algebra
  • Analysis
  • Machine-Oriented Computer Science
  • Object-Oriented Software Development

3rd semester:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Algorithms and Computational Complexity I
  • Software Technology
  • Machine-Oriented Programming

4th semester:

  • Algorithms and Computational Complexity II

From 4th semester onwards, our bachelor students choose from a variety of optional lectures and a project group. The degree is completed with a thesis.

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