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Online Application Form

All applicants have to apply online. A valid email-address is a must for the overall application procedure. Please read the guidelines below carefully.

Online Application Form

Please note that the online application form needs to be filled in within one session. Please have all necessary documents and data available once you start filling in the form. Documents (TOEFL/IELTS result or final bachelor’s degree certificate) which are not at hand before the application deadline need to be sent by email to: application(at) We do not accept documents sent to us by email before the end of the application deadline. We do not accept documents sent to us by email due to you exceeding the size limit for your PDF file.

Before Applying

  1. Please read through the online form carefully and gather all documents you need in order to fill in the relevant fields (e.g. passport, marksheets/transcripts, secondary school leaving certificate).

  2. Please assemble all required application documents into one PDF file (maximum size: 4MB). Required documents are:

    • all official marksheets/transcripts in English or German with ECTS credits available from your undergraduate studies,
    • official marksheets/transcripts in English or German with ECTS credits of graduate studies, if applicable,
    • the final or provisional graduation certificate(s) from your undergraduate (and graduate, if any) studies, if already available
    • your English language proficiency test certificate (TOEFL or IELTS), if already available


  3. Please complete your CV and your motivation letter before filling in the form. You need to copy the information directly into the relevant form fields. Please do not include your CV and motivation letter in the PDF file.

  4. Please note that all information is important for the admission procedure. Fill in the online form accurately. False information given by the applicant will lead to rejection or even to cancellation of admission.

  5. After you have submitted your application, you will be automatically directed to a page that confirms the successful submission. This serves as a proof that your application has reached us. An email with your application result will follow six weeks after the respective application deadline. Please understand that meanwhile, queries on your application status will not be answered.

Important: Please only submit documents that we explicitly ask for. If your TOEFL/IELTS score or your final bachelor's certificate are not available before the application deadline, you can submit them later by email. We do not accept any other document sent to us by email apart from TOEFL/IELTS or final bachelor's certificate. Documents submitted to us via email due to you exceeding the file size limit of your PDF file will not be accepted.

In order to get to the Online Application Forms, please go to this page: Available Application Forms.

 Good luck and thank you for choosing our master’s program!

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