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General information on our degree programs

This page offers general information for all computer science students (Bachelor, Master). Detailed info on each individual program is published on the separate pages listed in the left sidebar. Rules and regulations which apply to all degree programs are listed below.

On short notice

Due to holidays the examination office can't be reached from august 28 to September 14, 2020.

In urgent Visa-matters please use the email address [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

If you need proof of passing your master without final grade please use [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

The examination office cannot offer public opening hours. It can be reached by phone starting march 31st, 2020 every week from monday to thursday from 10 to 11 a.m.

From April 1, 2020, Bachelor and Master theses will only be submitted electronically, see Electronic Submission of Theses.

There will be no office hours at the Bachelor and Master Office and the Basis helpdesk until further notice.

Exams for the Summer Semester 2020

Written Exams

Here you will find the latest planning status of the exam dates:

Failed Attempts

The Examination Board has decided that failed attempts will not be counted in the examinations for this summer semester.

For technical reasons, failed attempts will first be recorded normally in Basis and only then be corrected in a separate step. Please note that  failed attempts remain in the system until the second examination phase is completed. This is necessary for the automatic exam registrations for the second date.

Online Teaching in Summer Semester 2020


  • Courses in summer semester 2020 will start on 20 April 2020.
  • The semester will end as planned on 17 July 2020. (This may still change.)
  • Lectures may continue throughout the mid semester break (Pentecost week, 2-5 June).
  • From 6 April onwards, course materials will be provided online to prepare for the start of summer semester. You can find more information about this in the eCampus.

Sources of Information

  1. On this page, here at this point, you will always find current information on online teaching in computer science.
  2. Basis (electronic course catalog) offers specific information on all courses. Usually, you will also find a button that directs you to the associated eCampus course.
  3. On eCampus you will find teaching materials and information on the course outline. Please register in the eCampus courses at short notice and understand what further steps are necessary to pass the specific course. You do not need a password for this.
  4. The International Office provides information for international students.


To broadcast online events, the University has obtained licenses for the Zoom video conferencing system. This will be used for online lectures. As a participant you can use Zoom with a client software, an app, or just with an internet browser. You do not need an account or a license. If you wish to test out Zoom beforehand you can create a free account.

As a second option, the Informatics Department is hosting a BigBlueButton system with Greenlight frontend. This will be used for tutorials, seminars, labs, and other classes. Students do not need to create an account. BigBlueButton also runs in the browser.

Master Introduction

There will not be an introductory meeting at the beginning of April. Please have a look at the slides from last semester's meeting, to get a general impression of what to expect.

Periods for Exam Registration

  Summer term Winter term

Registration for seminars, labs, project groups

April 10 to 30 Oct. 26 until Nov. 15 (only in WS 2020/21)

Registration for lectures

June 1 to 21 December 1 to 21

If you have any questions concerning the registrations please do not hesitate to contact us via email: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]. Please register early so there will be time to solve any problems which might occur with your registration.

Important information for planning your studies and examinations

  • Successful completion of accompanying exercises for a lecture ("Übungserfolg") is carried forward automatically. This means that if you fail or deregister from an exam, you can retake the exam in a later semester without having to complete the exercise again.
  • In accordance with the examination rules, deregistration from seminars, labs and project groups is not possible.
  • Deregistration from lectures of both Bachelor and Master program is to be carried out via BASIS. For all students, deregistration needs to be carried out until one week before the examination date of the first attempt.
  • Courses offered at b-it by faculty or co-opted members of the institute of CS are acknowledged if they are listed in our module handbook. Courses offered by other docents at b-it are acknowledged if an official certificate of RWTH Aachen is presented. This does not apply to courses listed in Life Science Informatics.

New regulation for sick notes

Please be aware that the examination office will not accept yellow "Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigungen" which are handed out by default by most physicians. You are required to have your doctor fill in a special form, which you have to download and print from our website.



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