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Registration for the Master Thesis and Seminar

Your master thesis cannot be registerd in Basis. All eligible examiners of the institute have a special form with which they suggest a topic for a student. Both the examiner and the student have to sign this form and the day on which this happens is the start of the 6-month processing time. The examiner then sends this form by the examiner to the examination board and the chair appoints both examiner and subject by signing the form. Only then do we enter the deadline in Basis and the student will find the submission deadline as the examination date under registered exams.

So the examiner determines the official start of the processing time.

There is no registration for the master's seminar: the examiner will be contacted and the examiner and examinee will make an appointment for the presentation of the thesis before or after the thesis is submitted.

The result of this examination will be listed together with the bachelor thesis grade on the certificate.

Eligible Examiners

According to our rules a thesis is an examination and no service for whatever company. You have to seek an examiner/professor of our institute who is willing to guide and oversee your work. Our rules allow the student to propose the theme of the thesis. So if you find a professor who is willing to cooperate with the mentioned company he can/will guarantee the regular examination.

Potential external examiners have to fulfill the requirements according to our regulations. Unknown examiners have to contact the head of the exam office first and send prove of these requirements and they have to be willing to speak with the head of the examination office in person (via phone/Skype/Zoom) first before they can be appointed as an examiner.

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