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Since the decision of the examination board on July 15, 2022 in all computer science degree programs, the submission of theses is exclusively done electronically. Prerequisite for the submission is the registration! Please check in Basis if you thesis is registered and what the exact deadline is. The electronic submission process is explained below.

 At least 10 days before the deadline, you have to send an e-mail to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.], in which you state your last name, first name, matriculation number, title of the thesis, names of the examiners, the deadline, as well as, if applicable, an earlier planned submission date. Only e-mails sent from your university account will be processed ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]).

 In the reply e-mail, you will receive a link to a Sciebo folder where you have to upload your thesis as a PDF file by the deadline. Additional files and attachments must be uploaded in a zip archive. Access to this folder expires after your deadline (see Basis under "Exam date" of the thesis).

 To complete your submission, you also have to hand in a  declaration that you wrote the submitted work by yourself. The Examination Office for Computer Science must receive the signed declaration on paper within seven days of submission (uploading of the file). You can hand in the declaration in person at the examination office, use the mailboxes of the examination office, or send the declaration by mail to Prüfungsamt Informatik, Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 5, 53115 Bonn. In any case, the date on which the examination office receives the declaration is what counts.

As soon as the submission deadline has expired or the declaration has been received, the submission link will be deleted. Only then will the thesis be sent to the examiners for review.

 If the files are not uploaded on time or the declaration is not received by the examination office on time, the thesis is considered as failed.

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