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We welcome Lucie Flek as new professor at b-it
Prof. Dr. Lucie Flek was called to the W3 professorship for Data Science and Engineering as of April 1.
When Language Models Meet Words
Over the last few years, deep neural models have taken over the field of natural language processing (NLP), brandishing great improvements on many of its sequence-level tasks. But the end-to-end nature of these models makes it hard to figure out whether the way they represent individual words aligns with how language builds itself from the bottom up, or how lexical changes in register and domain can affect the untested aspects of such representations, or which phenomena can be modeled by units smaller than the word.
Hats off to you, Graduates! Well Done!
On 8 July 2023, the Rector of the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Professor Dr. Dr. h.c.. Michael Hoch, invites you to the University Festival. The event will take place in the open air on the Hofgartenwiese with a view of the venerable main building of the University of Bonn.
Cryptography à la James Bond: Workshop taught pupils the basics of encrypting and decrypting messages and images
In a one-day workshop, pupils could immerse themselves in the exciting world of secret agent James Bond and were able to develop and expand their skills in encrypting and decrypting secret messages and images. In addition to an introduction to cryptography, the science of encrypting information, three tricky secret agent assignments awaited the participants.
How to respond to climate change with algorithms and world surveying
The aim of Girls' Day is to give people the opportunity to get a taste of a profession in which the proportion of women is less than 40 percent. Women are still strongly underrepresented in the fields of IT, handicrafts, natural sciences and technology - a deplorable state of affairs that the companies and institutions participating in Girls' Day are actively working to counteract, including the Institute for Computer Science at the University of Bonn. Together with the Institute for Geodesy and Geoinformation at the University of Bonn, this year's Computer Science offer for Girls' Future Day, on 27 April, is dedicated to the topic of climate change and how it can be counteracted with algorithms and world surveying.
Soccer robots of the University of Bonn defend world championship title
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