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Quantum Algorithms for Chemistry and Beyond

Dr. Jakob Siegfried Kottmann (University of Toronto)

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    Wann 18.01.2022
    von 16:30 bis 17:30
    Wo Zoom
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    Hybrid-quantum approaches combine quantum and classical algorithms with the intent to leverage the best of both worlds. One prominent example is the determination of eigenenergies of electrons in molecular potentials which are key to the prediction of chemical reactions. Formally this problem can be divided into two major components: An accurate description of the one-particle space that captures the spatial motion of the electrons as well as electronic correlation within the many-particle wavefunction. Due to this formal division, hybrid-quantum approaches that optimize the one-particle space on a classical computer and the associated many-particle wavefunction on a quantum computer provide an ideal framework for this type of problem. In this talk, I will highlight the basic principles behind those algorithms and how they can be realized within a generalized framework.


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