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On the Art of Efficient Transactional Processing: The Perspectives of Databases and Blockchains

Dr. Felix Schuhknecht, Universität Saarland

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    When Jan 21, 2020
    from 09:00 to 09:45
    Where Raum 0.016, Endenicher Allee 19a
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    Efficient transactional management is a delicate task. As systems face transactions of inherently different types, ranging from point updates to long running analytical computations, it is hard to satisfy their individual requirements, especially in highly concurrent or even distributed environments. In this talk, we will investigate this complex topic from two perspectives.
    In the first part, we will approach the topic of transaction management from the perspective of databases at the case of our recent SIGMOD publication. Therein, we presented a high-performance main-memory transaction processing engine coined "AnKer". The key of AnKer is to reintroduce the concept of heterogeneous transaction processing: Analytical queries are outsourced to run on virtual snapshots while update transactions run on the most recent representation of the database. Inside both components, multi-version concurrency control ensures a high degree of parallelism. To overcome the burden of expensive snapshot creation, we introduce a custom system call to the operating system, which generates a snapshot several orders of magnitudes faster than state-of-the-art approaches. As a result, we are able to achieve significantly smaller latencies for analytical queries under mixed workloads than homogeneous approaches, while increasing the overall throughput of transactions. Based on the findings on transactional processing in database systems, in the second part, we look at another interesting new type of transaction processing system: permissioned blockchains. A careful inspection of these new systems reveals large similarities with classical database systems and the problems they face. We first discuss how certain optimizations in transactional processing can be transitioned from the database context almost one-to-one to the world of blockchains with the effect of significantly speeding them up. Based on these findings, we discuss ChainifyDB, a layer that extends established database infrastructures seamlessly and minimally invasive with blockchain features.


    Vorab wird in einem kurzen Vortrag einen Einblick in eine Lehrveranstaltung zu Thema 
    Serialisierbarkeit von Datenbanktransaktionen



    Serialisierbarkeit ist eines der wichtigsten Konzepte nebenläufiger Transaktionsverarbeitung. Ein Datenbanksystem, welches Serialisierbarkeit garantiert, stellt sicher, dass eine verzahnte Ausführung mehrerer Transaktionen den gleichen Effekt hat wie eine sequentielle Ausführung. Dadurch wird eine effiziente parallele Transaktionsverarbeitung möglich, die gleichzeitig die Anomalien, die eine nebenläufige Ausführung mit sich bringt, vermeidet. In diesem Lehrvortrag werde ich das Grundkonzept von Serialisierbarkeit anhand einiger einfacher Beispiele erklären, sowie Vor- und Nachteile des Konzeptes darlegen.


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