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Let’s get more data! Or learn smarter? Or fairer?

Dr. Lucie Flek, Depart. of Mathematics and Informatics, Philipps University of Marburg

Art des Termins
    Wann 21.06.2022
    von 15:00 bis 16:00
    Wo b-it, room 2.113
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    Research Talk: Let’s get more data! Or learn smarter? Or fairer?

    While the online world tends to give us an illusion of abundant big data to analyze, there is a constant lack of accessible labeled resources in many sensitive domains or underrepresented languages. In this talk, I will discuss our journey from data augmentation strategies, across the improvements in representation learning methods and model architectures, towards fairer and more efficient learning with a lower carbon footprint. I will demonstrate our approaches on applications such as mental health analysis from text, and toxicity detection and reduction, inter alia.



    Lehrprobe:  Recurrent neural networks

    Understanding RNNs is an important theoretical step for contextualizing the research development from traditional sequential modeling approaches to contemporary attention models. In this short sample I aim at explaining the learning mechanism of RNNs and its pros and cons that led to further recent developments.


    Location (for both talks): b-it , Friedrich-Hirzebruch-Allee 6, 53115 Bonn, Room no. 2.113