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Between Responsibilization and Paternalism: Data Protection in the age of GDPR and IOT

Dr. Martin Degeling, Universität Bochum

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    When Sep 11, 2019
    from 10:00 to 11:00
    Where Seminar-Raum U1.039 (Untergeschoss)
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    Users are often overwhelmed with information regarding security and privacy when interacting with digital services. From long privacy policies and terms of services to fine grained security and privacy settings: New technical possibilities and legal requirements produce an ever increasing amount of information to read and choices to make.
    In my research I am trying to understand why current solutions often fail to meet users needs and therefore endanger individual privacy and the security of systems they use. I want to investigate how we can develop socio-technical systems that find the right balance between offering choices that allow individuals to maintain informational selfdetermination and prevent system designers from offloading responsibility often without providing the right information.
    My talk will highlight two projects I have been involved with that try to balance this spectrum. I will describe results of my work on analyzing the effects of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In 2018 we analyzed how websites changed their privacy policies and what challenges the increasing number of cookie consent notifications pose to users. Second, I will present a project where we developed an infrastructure that helps those who maintain multiple IoT devices to inform about the data collected and an assistant interface for end-users to semi-automatically maintain their privacy settings.
    I will conclude with the current projects I am working and that I would like to continue when working in Bonn.

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