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Application of machine learning to the Internet of Things

Prof. Dr. Djamel Djenouri (University of the West of England)

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    Wann 20.10.2022
    von 13:00 bis 14:00
    Wo Room 0.016
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    Machine learning (ML) is training computers to learn from data collected through past experience. Learning is the most appropriate alternative in cases where it is not possible to directly write programs to solve problems, i.e., when the solution is not a priori known but can only be developed using data or experience. This is typical in problems in which human expertise does not exist or when it is difficult to express it. Traditional domains where ML has been largely used include speech/face recognizing, language processing, spam filter, etc., which have been investigated for a long time and mature solutions already exist. However, the use of ML tools for emerging domains such as the Internet of Things (IoT), smart environments and related applications is still in its early stages and is among the trends that have recently been attracting research communities in several disciplines. In this talk, an from our recent research related to the use of advanced machine learning tools in the IoT domains will be presented. The selected example is related to the prediction of sensor readings using spatiotemporal correlation, which has a wide range of applications such as in smart buildings, smart transportations, and medical applications.