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Performance and Efficiency in HPC with Custom and Approximate Computing

Prof. Dr. Christian Plessl (Universität Paderborn)

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    When Jun 29, 2018
    from 12:00 to 13:30
    Where in Raum 0.016, Informatik-Zentrum
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    Computational methods have been adopted in almost all areas of science and engineering which has created a steadily increasing demand for high-performance computing (HPC). For several decades it was possible to satisfy this demand by exponential progress in semiconductor technology (Moore's law) and the use of massively parallel computer systems. The flip side of this development is the increased demand for electrical energy and cooling, which was also growing exponentially. The resulting financial and technological challenges have shifted the optimization goal for data centers from pure performance to energy-efficiency.

    In this talk, I will discuss current trends and challenges in high-performance computing systems and point out research opportunities to improve their efficiency. In the main part of the talk, I will focus on my recent interdisciplinary research on the specialization of computing resources (custom computing) and cross-layer optimization of architecture and algorithms (approximate computing). I will show that both approaches have the potential to improve the energy-efficiency of computations for suitable applications substantially.

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