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General information on our degree programs

This page offers general information for all computer science students (Bachelor, Master). Detailed info on each individual program is published on the separate pages listed in the left column. Lately established rules and regulations which apply to all degree programs are listed below.

On short notice

The deadlines for the upcoming semester's (winter term 2015/16) exames are set: the registration seminar and labs starts on October 10 and will end on October 31. The registration for exams (in lectures) will start on December 1st and end on December 22th, 2015

Please register on Basis.

There is a manual available for those of you facing problems while registering. If you have any questions concerning the registrations please don't hesitate to contact us via email:

Please register early so there will be time to solve any problems which might occur with your registration.

Examination dates, examiners and course achievements

(Official version: Notice glass case/examination office)

Course achievements for admission to exams

The building Römerstraße is closed from december 24th, 2015 until january 3rd, 2016.
If the deadline for a master thesis is due during this time you have to submit your thesis monday, january 4th, 2016.

Important announcements and deadlines

Starting on April 1, 2010, the following announcements and deadlines apply to all winter and summer semester: 

Summer termWinter term

Registration for seminars, labs, project groups (Information for Erasmus students)

April 10 to 30 October 10 to 31

Registration for lectures (Information for Erasmus students)

June 01 to 21December 1 to 22

Announcement of examination dates for compulsory modules in Bachelor and Diplom program 

until April 30until October 31

Announcement of examination dates for Master program and for optional modules in Bachelor and Diplom program 

until June 15

until December 15

Important informations for planing your studies and examinations

  • "Übungserfolg" has to be announced at the latest two weeks before the examination date of the first attempt .
  • In accordance with the examination rules, deregistration from seminars, labs and project groups is not possible .
  • Deregistration from lectures of both Bachelor and Master program is to be carried out via BASIS. Diplom students deregister by filling out a particular form. For all students, deregistration needs to be carried out until one week before the examination date of the first attempt . 
  • Resignation from examination after the examination has already started is not possible.


Examination Board (Master of Computer Science)

Chairman:  Prof. Dr. Andreas Weber
Deputy: Prof. Dr. Heiko Röglin

Prof. Dr. Joachim K. Anlauf,  Dr. Matthias Frank,

S. Zemanek, P. Bruckschen

Registrar's office

Judith König
Römerstraße 164
53117 Bonn
Room A403 (4th floor in the "Altbau")
Phone: 0228 / 73 - 4418
Fax: 0228 / 73 - 4788
Office hours:
Mon. 1 pm - 3 pm;
Wed. and Thu. 10 am - 12 am

Master program office

Sibylle Hahn 
Römerstraße 164
53117 Bonn
Room A404 (4th floor in the "Altbau")
Phone: 0228 / 73 - 4603
Fax: 0228 / 73 - 4788
skype-office-hours: Tuesday 11 am - 1 pm
Office hours (CET):
Mon 1 - 3 pm
Thu 10 am - 12.30 pm

Felix Metzger
student assistant
Room A404 (4th floor in the "Altbau")
skype-office-hours: Tuesday 11am - 1 pm

Technical questions about Basis: 

Dr. Lüttringhaus-Kappel 
Römerstraße 164
53117 Bonn
Room A209 (2nd floor in the "Altbau")
Tel.: 0228 / 73 - 4536
Office hours:

Mon. and Thu.  11 am -12 am

Prof. Dr. Rolf Klein
Tel.: 0228/ 73 - 4433



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