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There are no restrictions on using disk space that is available on the system storage of your PVM, but note that the SGN does not provide any backup services for data stored "locally" on your VM. In case you need to reset your PVM to default conditions, all data will be lost! So make sure if using local disk space to backup your data elsewhere, for example by using a SVN infrastructure provided to you by your thesis instructor.

Storage with backup capabilities is available through our nfs v4 export service. This service provides a personal working directory, with continuous backup support.

If your personal working directory is available, you will find it at:


To receive any permission on your directory, you first need to do a ticket request. You should first login with your personal account or at least open a shell with your own user, for example:

su yourUserName

Then please do the following on the command line:


You will be asked to type your password (normal SGN password):

Password for yourUserName@INFORMATIK.UNI-BONN.DE:

Now you will be granted access to your working directory. The ticket will be valid for several hours, then you have to repeat the request.