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This is a general computer science master's program, which means that our students need to cover different areas of computer science, which are represented by the four tracks of this program's curriculum - Algorithmics, Graphics/Vision/Audio, Information and Communication Management, Intelligent Systems. In order to complete their master's degree, our students need to cover at least three of them by choosing modules (lectures, seminars and labs) from the choice offered each semester. Since this is a research-oriented master's program, the contents of the modules reflect the ongoing research of our institute's departments.

The standard period of study is four semesters, including the master's thesis.

For detailed information on the structure of our master's program, please consult the English language version of the examination rules.

For a complete module overview including course details, please consult the Module Handbook for the master's program "Computer Science".  

Digital Forensics is one of the research areas of our Communication and Networked Systems section

Examples of Study Plans

There is no compulsory module to be covered in our master's program. Our students can choose freely from each semester's module selection, as long as they cover during their course of studies three out of the four tracks offered. The following study plans are just examples on how our students can structure their studies. There are other options possible:

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